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Mind Your Manners

"Just in time for the Holiday party season, Tokyo Metro unveils it's Manner Poster for December."

I think the message here is "Please don't vomit on your shirt, then crowd into the last train of the night heading back to the suburbs and piss your pants while you're standing in front of me, crotch-to-eye-level (true story)."

Washed up? Get Soaked

Washed up American celebrities seem to find a lot of solace (and boat payments) in peddling alcohol for Japanese beverage companies.

For example, apparently Paul Anka is a very dour, serious man-- until he drinks his "go juice". A little bit of Super Nikka whiskey and you've got a happy, clappy "Super sunshine" fit on your hands. The message of this add? Nikka is great, as long as you have a life-partner around to make sure you don't choke on your own tongue.

Lee Van Cleef starring in "The Ridiculous Script of Nonsense" sponsored by Suntory Whiskey-- an amber-colored bottle of hell piss that'll knock the optic nerve right out yo eye ball socket you'll vomit so hard.

Gaijin Tonic

Shouldn't it be an "About 1/10 of a Kilogramer?"

I actually ate at McDonald's fairly regularly while I lived in Japan. It wasn't just because there was one close to my dorm-- the quality of the food really was better. There were more drinks, sandwich choices like an "Ebi Fillet" (like a shrimp po-boy with Big Mac's special sauce) and this one burger that came with a fried egg on it (don't knock it till you try it). The fries were ALWAYS hot & crispy and the buns were steamed to fresh, chewy perfection. There were a few things missing from the far east version that left me choked up, not by the chunks of beef nugget in my mouth, but with homesickness-- the Quarter-Pounder with cheese being the most egregious of these omissions.

That's all changing however, although I wonder if Japanizens know it. They've launched a "Quarter Pounder Secret" campaign, opening stores that have absolutely no branding and only two choices on the menu-- Quarter-Pounder with cheese and Double Quarter-Pounder with cheese.

So far the marketing ploy seems to be working.. mostly because Japanese people are suckers for marketing ploys.