Ninja lovers around the world will be celebrating the sixth annual Day of the Ninja this December 5. On this day, ninja fans of all ages are encouraged to dress up like ninja, act like ninja, and participate in ninja-related activities.
The Day of the Ninja was created in 2003 as a ninja counterpart to the popular International Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated every September 19.
"There is a popular Internet meme that establishes a rivalry between pirates and ninja," said Michael Fiegel, self-proclaimed ninja and the creator of the Day of the Ninja and Ninja Burger. "Pirates are loud, flashy, rude and crude, and ninja represent the extreme opposite: they are quiet, understated, polite and courteous. It only seems fair that each side should get their own holiday."
-December 5 is the Sixth Annual Day of the Ninja: Market Watch

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