Poking Box

Poking Box
Tuttuki Bako translated directly from Japanese means: Poking Box. As you are poking the box, your finger nudges the digital character. It reacts appropriately.

I wonder what technology this was adapted from? (bottom right)

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Ninja lovers around the world will be celebrating the sixth annual Day of the Ninja this December 5. On this day, ninja fans of all ages are encouraged to dress up like ninja, act like ninja, and participate in ninja-related activities.
The Day of the Ninja was created in 2003 as a ninja counterpart to the popular International Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated every September 19.
"There is a popular Internet meme that establishes a rivalry between pirates and ninja," said Michael Fiegel, self-proclaimed ninja and the creator of the Day of the Ninja and Ninja Burger. "Pirates are loud, flashy, rude and crude, and ninja represent the extreme opposite: they are quiet, understated, polite and courteous. It only seems fair that each side should get their own holiday."
-December 5 is the Sixth Annual Day of the Ninja: Market Watch

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This is Japan.

Hayao Miyazaki:

“I think nationalism stems from the belief that most of the troubles in the world are due to multi-ethnicity. We learned, or should have learned from the last war, that the town or country we love can turn into something bad in the world. That is a lesson we must not forget. I don’t create films where good and evil fight.”
-Animator Hayao Miyazaki Worries About Children's Future: Japan Today

Man Arrested After Scattering Hundreds of Worms on Commuter Train

"The man, who was arrested for obstructing business, told police officers that he did it because he wanted to see the surprised reactions of other passengers. At the time of his arrest, Mizuta had about 3,600 worms contained in small, photographic film cases in his bag, the police said.
The incident took place as the train was traveling on the Keihan line through the city of Neyagawa around 10:05 a.m.
The suspect, a resident of Hyogo Prefecture, is believed to have scattered about 200 mealworms, the larva of the darkling beetle, a feeder insect for birds. The railway car was cleaned immediately but the train was delayed by about three minutes, according to the police.
Why such a quick response? Apparently this wasn’t the first worm scattering incident on the Keihan line, so police were on the look out for worm-related activities." - Japan Probe

Okamoto's enormous mural "Myth of Tomorrow" restored & installed at Tokyo's Shibuya Station

The 30 meter long, 5 meter high mural depiciting the destruction and devastation following the explosion of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima in WWII was lost in Mexico for decades. Originally comisioned in 1967 by a Mexican property developer, it hung in the lobby of a luxury hotel until 1969 when the financially troubled owner was forced to sell the property AND the painting. The work then dropped off the radar until 2003 when it was rediscovered and returned to Japan at the request of Okamoto's widow. She died shortly before the piece completed the journey home.

The work is now installed as a permanent public display at Shibuya station, a part of Tokyo renowned for it's devotion to fashion fads and wild consumeristic abandon.
Even in this solipsistic part of town, the bold, arresting images are stopping busy commuters in their tracks. And when it comes to Tokyo's tired, zoned-out salary drones, that's no small task.
- Myth of Tomorrow in Shibuya: Nihon Sun

And Finally...

I dare you to figure out what this advertises

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