There are a TON of music rags out there. And, let's face it-- most of them suck.

So, if you've become blase about the whole music news industry, I don't blame you. You may want to skip reading the rest of this article.

Also, if you're one of those people who already has subscriptions to so many music mags you've built your furniture out of hot glue and old issues of Rolling Stone, I'm not suggesting that you over-burden yourself with reading another one-- Lord knows I already have a hard enough time keeping up with music blogs, All songs considered, and my friends' pages.

But for those of us who hold out hope for print media, Paste magazine is a pretty solid attempt at reporting on aural stimulation. They have a digital edition that is actually readable, interesting articles like "Why Rabbits Hate Sigur Ros", and a subscription policy that lets readers name their own price.