According to Neil Sedaka's seminal 60's pop hit, "Breaking up is Hard to Do."
And while this is true, and I appreciate the Brooklyn tenor's venerable efforts at bespeaking romantic truths in the context of "two minutes and sixteen seconds of pure pop magic", I have an issue to take up with Mr. Sedaka.
Like that 16th Century astronomer with the brass nose, Sedaka overlooked an important corrolary that when considered, radically effects the entire makeup of the relationship universe.
He needed to make another hit single entitled, "Breaking up is Hard to do.. but trying to get back together is waaaaaaaaay fucking harder."

Recent experiences have taught me about the torture, anxiety, guilt, unfounded expectations, doubt, unbearable hope, and baseless paranoia involved with trying to rescue and revive a former relationship. I've never attempted this before, and I've never had it done to me. But I can tell you that the level of torture is at least as bad as (if not worse than) actually breaking up.

Usually, when you break up with someone, either one or the both of you are certain enough of the wisdom in ending your affectionate interaction that, aside from the stray "goodbye" fuck some of you like to indulge in, the relationship is gradually but determindly put to death and allowed to rest peacefully under an epitaph of drunk dials and whiny blog entries.

But sometimes you make a big mistake.

I stand before you today, admitting my idiocy, and generally deprecating the decision-making processes I have used in determining the direction of my life for the past year. I spent the last twelve months or so in Japan, during which time--due to homesickness, lonliness, or the general mind-fuck of living in that country (I'm still not exactly sure)-- I made what I now consider to be the worst mistake of my life: breaking up with the boy I love.

And I am not exaggerating, in the way overly emotional teenagers proclaim that they've had the "worst day of their life" because they couldn't get Hannah Montana tickets or whatever the fuck 13 year olds get emotional about these days.
I am serious. This is easily the stupidest, most horrible, worst decision I have ever made. And if it cannot be undone, I will spend the rest of my life regretting it and wondering what might have been.

In short, I've been a real asshat.

So, in celebration of my own idiocy and regret, I give you this incomprehensible list of movies which prove that love can be salvaged-- to give myself (and maybe you) hope that second chances really are possible after all.
AND that people get back together more often than you'd think.
List of songs coming later this week.

Movies where couples break up and Get back together
Valley Girl
Funny Face
Say Anything
My Fair Lady
Say It Isn't So
Fanny (1961)
She's All That
The Break-Up
Music & Lyrics
Kiss Me, Kate!
Half a Sixpence
A Lot Like Love
The MatchMaker
Run, Fatboy, Run
The Tao of Steve
Just Like Heaven
The Goodbye Girl
Love & Basketball
Wimbledon (2004)
Barefoot in the Park
Meet Me in St. Louis
My Sassy Girl (2001)
An American in Paris
Bridget Jones's Diary
Boy Meets Girl (1938)
Something New (2006)
Tears of the Black Tiger
Peggy Sue Got Married
10 Things I Hate About You
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
A Streetcar Named Desire~feature film and TV version

And don't take any internet advice. Just be honest with yourself and with them.