Londoner Brad Jakody was stopped from boarding a plane at Heathrow Airport because he makes poor fashion choices and airport security officials don't have a lot of common sense.

The problem arose because Jakody had the audacity to stroll through an airport and attempt to board a plane while wearing a t-shirt depicting Optimus Prime holding some sort of gun. Security officials objected to the fashion choice-- which is not in itself such a bad thing and something that Jakody's close friends should have done for him a long time ago. But questionable wardrobe objections aside, Jakody was prohibited from boarding a plane because security officials believed that the shirt could be seen as rude or offensive.
The portly prospective passenger then had to change shirts in the security area before he could board the plane, which could have been slightly embarassing considering he's got a little bit of butter in the tub.

When reached for comment, Jakody quite sensibly responded, "I was like, 'What are you talking about?'...It's a cartoon robot."

via BBC