Appparently, for some time now, physicists have been able to create what are called "Quantum-entangled images". Through a complicated process (that I, of course, don't understand) they can use atoms and gasses and light to create pairs of quantumly linked images. If one image is the "proof", then the other is like a "negative" of a slightly darker color, inverted, and rotated 180 degrees.

You're probably thinking, "So? Where's the magic part in all of this?"

Well, the part of this science that makes it weird is that no matter where the images are-- right next to each other, or on opposite sides of the planet-- if you make a change to one image, the change will instantaneously appear in the other image.
I'll give you a moment to go, "Whoah!"
The scientists who have recently found a much faster, easier method of creating these "images" expect them to be used for complex data storage, since large amounts of data can (somehow) be stored in them.

But for me, I'm thinking more like The Doctor's psychic paper... or even, Tom Riddle's diary.

Anyway, the communications possibilities are endless. Using quantumly-linked data could mean an end to all digital modes of data transmission. Why mess with cables and IP addresses and network traffic jams when you could have, say, a daily newspaper that is instantaneously updated the second it hits the press in the morning?

I'm even wondering if something like the portrait of Dorian Gray could be possible-- where a human is quantumly entangled with an inverse image at birth, and instead of the person growing old, the image does???

I know that's a far, far way off... but it's fun to dream, isn't it?