1. When you're feeling angsty, instead of writing shitty poetry in your journal, you write a self-absorbed blog about how you don't know where your life is going (set to private of course, so no one else can read it, but with a sufficiently intriguing title so your friends will know something is going on) and spend the rest of the night trying to find a new profile song that perfectly expresses everything you're feeling.

2. The old "definition" conversation-- where you sit down and work out whether or not you're exclusive and will call each other boyfriend & girlfriend-- has now been replaced by a status change on Myspace or Facebook. Last Month I found out my friend was engaged when she changed her Facebook status.

3. It used to be that beginning a new relationship meant scouring the apartment for photos of the old boyfriend, donating gifted stuffed animals to Goodwill, or shoving letters and cards into an old shoe box under the bed. Now, you've also got to erase any touchy-feely photos you uploaded, delete mushy comments and chat logs, and rearrange the order of your top five so the new boy is ranked higher than the old one.

4. Drunk-dials have been replaced by typo-laden emails, nonsensical profile comments, and solipsistic tweets.

5. I'm slightly ashamed to admit it... but I once broke up with someone over email. In my defense, we were on opposite sides of the earth with a 14 hour time difference and there was no good time to reach him on Skype.

6. You base your compatibility on the results of "Which Battlestar Galactic Character Are You?" quizes. You're an Adama and he's a Baltar? This is not going to work.

7. You don't have to find out about ex-girlfriends via hear-say and chance encounters if you know how to do a little bit of amateur detective work on Myspace. Unfortunately, this is also how you will find out when the Ex that dumped you is dating someone new.

8. All this ambiguous, twice-removed, snippet communication breeds misunderstanding and paranoia, and will destroy even the strongest of relationships.