Exotic Dancing is NOT a Sport

I'm a big fan of chicks who do exactly what they want. So I've always looked up to female athletes who are strong enough to kick ass in their respective fields while still being hot enough to have their OWN asses ogled by the millions of drooling fan boys who daily stare at these girls' in magazines, in posters hanging in their bedrooms, and on thousands of websites. Speaking of such websites, I stumbled upon Hotties in Cleats, a blog that specializes in collecting "Hot pictures and videos of your favorite female ahtletes". Some people might have a problem with the idea of oggling any female in any photo, thinking that objectifies them. I'd tell those people to smoke a joint and stop taking themselves so seriously. Personally, I'd rather the 14-year-old harmonally challended get their rocks off to girls with talent, guts, AND nice butts than to some vapid, shallow, twat-flashing cum dumpster like... well, I don't know, almost EVERY female under 30 in Hollywood.
Sexy Long Jumping? Now that's the kind of ass-ogling a girl can actually appreciate.


  1. Nicole said,

    "vapid, shallow, twat-flashing cum dumpster like"- don't hold back not.

    on June 5, 2008 at 3:35 PM