Watch classic episodes of The Twilight Zone on the CBS website. The first three seasons are available, which includes personal favorites "Time Enough at Last" (Season 1, Ep8) and Season 3's "A Quality of Mercy" (Yes, that's a young Leonard Nimoy).

And while we're on the subject, let's reflect on the fact that so-called "classics" are classics because they're good no matter how old they are. They stand the test of time. Ask yourself whether or not anyone will be watching Desperate Housewives 40 years from now, and then ask yourself whether or not you should even be watching it NOW.

Your TV diet is a bit like your food diet-- you are what you eat. Unfortunately, most people consume their visual media pretty indiscriminately, tacking American Idol episodes on top of Flavor of Rock of Love II with a little bit of Days of Our Lives ridiculousness to round out the combo. It's the mental equivalent of a deep-fried ice cream diet. And although this kind of senseless gluttony won't add inches to your waistline, you might end up with a fat head.

I wish everyone could see a graphical representation of what kind of person their mind would embody. Are you an obese yet somehow malnourished sore-infested meth head wearing a "God Don't Make No Trash" T-shirt? Or something a little more respectable?

Think a little about that and start to make some wiser choices in your TV diet. I'm not saying the occasional episode of The Real World or Gossip Girl is completely out of the question. But unless you want to make yourself mentally stroke out at age 42, consumption of these insubstantial sweets should be limited to the tiniest triangle at the top of the tv food pyramid.