You don't necessarily want to keep that diamond engagement ring you got from Mr-I-thought-he-was-right two weeks before you found him in the storage shed with your ex-best friend at the Fourth of July barbecue, but you don't want to throw it away either and you're sure as hell not giving it back to the bastard. So you're left with three choices: wear it on a different finger and try to pretend it doesn't remind you of him every time you look at it, shove it in a drawer so you can pull it out every time you feel really bad about yourself and wallow in self-pity while weeping in your sheets, OR you can sell that sparkly little nugget of betrayal.

Of course there are any number ways you could sell an old engagement ring, but takes the prize for tongue-in-cheek sassiness. It transforms the potentially painful process of pawning momentos of past loves into a liberating, snarky catharsis. That is, if you're actually getting rid of something you really got from an ex. Lately the site has been bombarded with fakes, selling legitimate products but with bogus up-yours-ex-boyfriend stories-- the plethora of similar "caught him in bed with my cousin, yeah right!" stories and the abundance of never-worn Ugg boots gives it away.

But some of the stories ring true and are worth a read, even if you sometimes feel like screaming at the ones who don't know how to turn off the Caps Lock...or spell...or form a coherent rant. But if you can get past all the typos, you can enjoy a good ex-boy bash or two, and score some choice goods on the cheap while simultaneously liberating another gal from her bad memories.