I know it's been a long time coming, and Americans (like always) have been slow to adapt to new ways of living and (even more 'traumatic') new ways of thinking. But I'm incredibly happy that "going green" has finally graduated from pet cause of the hemp-wearing, PETA protesting, dont-shave-my-armpits set.
It's become trendy.
And while the sassqrotches of the world might turn up their noses at the idea-- like some disaffected indie kids when that obscure band no one's ever heard of finally scores a radio hit and "goes mainstream"-- I'm ecstatic about it. What better way to accomplish a radical change in the national zeitgeist than to make these ideas cool and sell them to our consumerisitc, superficial society as a trend? If only we could make all forms of social morality so popular...

Now, I must admit, I've never been very good about sorting my recycling. I tried once, I really did. Here in Nashville, we finally have roadside pick-up for recycled paper and I've been making good use of that. And I'm still really good about recycling after parties-- throwing away all those glass bottles and aluminum cans at one time would be just too much for even my elastic morality to bear.

But the cross of my guilty trash-conscience motivates me to do my part for the environment in other ways. And luckily, I've found that most of these ways not only benefit the environment, but they usually make my life better in many ways as well-- from saving money to losing weight. And most of these little changes are incredibly simple and take little to no extra time to implement. But if they're so great and simple, why isn't everyone doing them?

Probably just because they haven't thought about them. In a way, I might be lucky that I recognize my recylcing responsibility. If I sorted my bottles and cans every day, I might feel like I'm doing my part and don't need to make any other changes. And that's simply not true. Just recycling isn't enough. We all need to make more changes in the ways we live, not just in the ways we throw away trash. I need to start recycling regularly, and we all need to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into every aspect of our lives, not as something optional and fun, but as a life-saving necessity.

Starting now I'll be creating a new series of blogposts called "It's Easy Being Green" (Kermit was soooooo wrong) detailing all the little ways you and I and everyone else can help the environment AND ourselves. Because our environmental problems aren't going anywhere-- and neither are we. We're stuck here. And it's finally time that we start to realize that fact and take better care of the home in which we live.