At Last! Something you can do with the carboard tube from wrapping paper rolls!!

Designer Julian Winn created this "bio-bench" out of industrial carboard tubes, locking straps, dirt, and grass seed. You could make a sturdy-enough-to-sit-on version from large document and poster shipping tubes, or a smaller, planter-only version from wrapping paper or paper towel tubes. The dirt only goes in the top, so I don't see any reason why the bottom tubes couldn't be used for organization or storage. Pens & pencils, paintbrushes, straws, and coffee stirrers would all fit nicely in the smaller versions while rolled-up magazines/newspapers, remote controls, or dog toys could be kept in the larger ones.

And the best news is, when you're ready to re-decorate, remove the locking straps and the whole thing is biodegradable.