Ira Glass

Just what is it that makes the host of Chicago Public Radio's weekly variety magaizine This American Life so damn hot? The nerd hotness factor is dialed up to 7^40 on Ira G.
My friend Nicole and I agree that his biggest draw is probably the hot glasses. It's not easy to pull off glasses like those-- but as Elvis Costello will tell you, if you can do it, you've got an all day pass to Six Flags over Bitches.
He's also got the salt n' pepper hair, and of course, that giant, bulging... intellect. But without the glasses, he's just some dood named Ira.

Of course, yeah, personality is always the most important charm point... but having really cool glasses and knowing how to wear a nice suit doesn't hurt.

Go see him on tour.
Or download the free weekly podcast of This American Life-- probably my favorite thing to be broadcast between 88 and 108 MHz in the 21st Century.


  1. Nicole said,

    hey ho! just found your blog while searching for your email address. i like what you said about elvis costello. you know he can ride this ride anytime!

    on April 23, 2008 at 9:11 AM