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Shit Disco - "OK"

Shit Disco - OK from Jo Apps on Vimeo.

One of the prettiest, slickest screen savers I've seen in a loooong time. The creators describe it as "an aesthetically pleasing motion clock screen saver. Every minute of real time is numerically expressed with heavy Helvetica dropping into water in super slow motion."

Kaze to Desktop

'Kaze' being the Japanese word for wind, this screensaver mimics the current wind conditions in your city, blowing your apps and icons around the screen.

"Productively" means people are doing something more with it than tweeting "LOL! OMG that episode of the Hills was soooo Hillarious!"... like you are. Aren't you ashamed.

Student 'Twitters' His Way out of Egyptian Jail
Did you know that Twitter can help save your ass from political persecution in a foreign country? When he was arrested while photographing anti-government protests in Egypt, University of California-Berkley grad student James Buck sent a one-word tweet to twitter: "Arrested." That single word set in motion a process that led to his eventual release. Too bad you can't say the same for his translator...

Internet activism: Twitter as a tool to promote homeless issues
Kevin Barbieux gives you glimpses into the word of homelessness and reminds us that homeless people aren't some sort of strange untouchable caste-- they're us. "Chronically homeless" Barbieux didn't have a place to lay his head at night, but managed to frequently update his blog and Twitter posts using laptops donated to him by friends. And if right now, you're thinking, "What's a homeless guy gonna do with a laptop? Shouldn't he be buying FOOD with that money instead?", I invite you to read and internalize the slogan for Barbieux's blog: "There is more to homeless people than being homeless."

Read my Tweets! Lots of New Taxes!
Earlier this year, a bunch of people with too much time on their hands tried to make a big deal out of the fact that while Barack Obama was following as many Twitterers as were following him, Hillary Clinton was following 0 people while talking to thousands. Honestly, as if Barack pays attention to any of your "Just ate TWO whole moonpies by myself!" tweets.
Still, it's interesting that they're making use of the technology at all, even if their pages read more like an electronic schedule (" In McKeesport & Pittsburgh, PA today finishing the "On Track for Change" tour and reminding everyone in PA to vote tomorrow!") and less like the highly personable blog medium it's meant to be. I'd like to see more personal messages, direct from the candidates' cellphones. Something like, "Mike's in Philly has the BEST cheese steak EVAR!"
As it stands, a more interesting alternative is Politweets, which tracks and categorizes any mention of the current political candidates made by regular posters in the Twitter-sphere.

Dirty Danica

"I can't tell you that I blame them for not believing that we could do it. But when you have 100 guys come through, finding one good one, the odds are a lot better than 100 girls since it takes a lot longer for 100 to come through. The odds are against us. But I grew up with never really using guys as a reference, using drivers as a reference, and if I wasn't fast enough, I wasn't fast enough. That was the most important thing."

Danica made "history" this weekend when she became the first female driver to win an Indy race, pulling ahead to top position in the last three laps of the Japan Indy 300.

I've always respected Danica because she's not afraid to be completely and totally herself--to do exactly what she wants to do regardless of what others say-- which includes the having the courage to be sexy, smart, and feminine while competing in such a cut-throat, dangerous, almost completely male-dominated sport. She wouldn't let marketing teams or the media turn her into a gimmick. She ignored the nay-sayers who said she was selling herself out by posing for sexy photos such as Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition. Those type of feminists-- whom I like to call the "anachra-nazis" because their brand of armpit farming feminazi bullshit is actually promoting hegemonistic butchism, not the freedom and fearlessness of REAL modern feminism-- should have instead celebrated the beautiful irony of the fact that Sport's Illustrated (a magazine with the word SPORTS in the title) for once featured an actual ATHLETE in the swimsuit edition, instead of the orange-juice soaked cotton-ball scarfing, never-broke-a-sweat-outside-a-Gold's-Gym-in-my-life bone scaffold camera jockeys it usually has.

And Today, we can appreciate the delicious irony of Danica acheiving her history-making win in, of all places, the land that feminism forgot: Japan. Just two years ago, Japan's Minister of Health was forced to resign in embarrasment after referring to women as "birthing machines" in a speech. If you watch the video of Danica ascending the steps of the winner's platform to receive her glass-celing shattering shoulder-high trophy, she walks past three Japanese spokesgirl bimbos in cute little mini skirt outfits. The contrast of Danica, in her fire-retardant jumpsuit, strolling past those three vestiges of outdated schauvanism to claim her giant (both in size, and in dollar amount) paycheck makes you wanna pump your fist and scream "Fuck yeah!"--mostly because no one should ever, ever again use the phrase "You go girl", unless you happen to be a 40-year old drag queen... then it's okay.

I have nothing but respect for Danica. The success that she has gained as a 26-year old talented, strong, beautiful woman makes me feel both vindicated and encouraged, and motivated to do more with my thus-far mostly unremarkable life.

The only thing better than her win this weekend were her responses to the press. After thanking her team and her family, and uttering phrases like "finally", she began play down the "victory for feminism" standpoint the media was pushing, saying "I'm a racecar driver. I'm supposed to win races. This is what I'm supposed to be doing."

Go On. Go Watch her win. I promise you'll get chills. And maybe your eyes will even tear up a little bit. But that's okay. Danica showed us that-- it's okay to win an Indy race and then cry about it a little bit.

Ira Glass

Just what is it that makes the host of Chicago Public Radio's weekly variety magaizine This American Life so damn hot? The nerd hotness factor is dialed up to 7^40 on Ira G.
My friend Nicole and I agree that his biggest draw is probably the hot glasses. It's not easy to pull off glasses like those-- but as Elvis Costello will tell you, if you can do it, you've got an all day pass to Six Flags over Bitches.
He's also got the salt n' pepper hair, and of course, that giant, bulging... intellect. But without the glasses, he's just some dood named Ira.

Of course, yeah, personality is always the most important charm point... but having really cool glasses and knowing how to wear a nice suit doesn't hurt.

Go see him on tour.
Or download the free weekly podcast of This American Life-- probably my favorite thing to be broadcast between 88 and 108 MHz in the 21st Century.


You know, I had to type that incredibly simple post title THREE TIMES because I kept hitting the '0' instead of the hyphen???

Anyway, like most double dec-ers (20-ish year olds) I have a t-shirt fetish. But it's got to be more than a "look-at-me-I'm-wearing-a-witty statement" shirt.
So I was happy to stumble upon -- a site that reviews shirt designs (duh) and tells you where you can buy them.

Was all of that lead-up really necessary just to give you that link? No. It wasn't. But I have to somehow pretend that I'm important. And writing things about t-shirts helps me do that.

This Week's BSG

Never liked Tory Foster. Right from the start. Anyone who would whore herself out for Baltar is automatically on my shit list. Interestingly enough, Baltar himself, isn't-- on my shit list, that is. He's oily, cowardly, reprehensible, and machiavelian. But that lends this weird HONESTY to his character... even though he lies all the time.

Now, Tory on the other hand... just HATEable.

Don't look at me like that...... Beeotch.

Yeah. White=Tight

That's how I define myself. Wurd.